Recent TV Assignments

Working as a producer, reporter and contributor, here are a few recent of my more broadcast news assignments: 

The Today Show

The Today Show: NC State Fair Ride Accident



Who is Edward Snowden?

Good Morning America: Details Emerge on the Life of Edward Snowden.


Katie Couric's talkshowGoing “Au Naturale”: How the Pursuit of Beauty Impacts Us

Katie (Katie Couric’s new daytime TV talkshow):
Going “Au Naturale” – How the Pursuit of Beauty Impacts Us

ABC News Exclusive: HMS Bounty Survivors Speak


"Speaking Out Against 'Slut Shaming'" (A story of a stand by one extraordinary 18-year-old woman.)

20/20: “Speaking Out Against ‘Slut Shaming'”


World News Tonight: End of Troop Surge in Afghanistan

Good Morning America: Wedding Cakes From Your Local…Supermarket?