One-on-one with Dwyane Wade


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One-on-One With Dwyane Wade by Carrie Stewart

Carrie Stewart: “You have a lot of nicknames, so what do your friends call you?”

Dwyane Wade: “Most of my friends call me ‘D’, some call me Wade, some even call me Flash, but none of them really call me Dwyane, so if you were my friend of mine, Dwyane would not be one of the names you would call me.”

STEWART: “Okay, well you had that one T-mobile commercial with Barkley where you call your mother and say, “Hey Mom, it’s Pookie!” — So do some people call you ‘Pookie’?”

D. WADE: “Naw, nobody calls me Pookie. After that commercial some people took on to it for a minute but it didn’t stick.”

STEWART: “Can I call you Pookie?”

D. WADE: “No. You cannot call me Pookie.”

STEWART: “Okay then. At least we got that out of the way. Now on to the important stuff…”


STEWART: “That diamond that you had in your ear the other night after the game–“

D. WADE: “The yellow canary diamond?”

STEWART: “Yeah. I noticed there were people on the internet forums debating whether it was real. Was it?”

D. WADE: “Well, I’m gonna say this: I’m not a jeweler, but from what I know, it’s real. I can’t tell real from fake. That’s not my specialty.”

STEWART: “How big is that thing?”

D. WADE: “I think it’s eight carats. I have different ones — some I have are six and some are eight.”

STEWART: “I get my six and eight carat diamonds confused all the time too.”

D. WADE: “Huh?”

STEWART: “Nevermind. Now, I know for a fact that sometimes athletes will wear fake diamonds or fake sunglasses and they can get away with it because people assume they’d never wear anything fake. Have you ever done that?”

D. WADE: “No — but I see why — and I’m not saying I would never do it because the one thing about my earrings is that I lose them. Sometimes the stem breaks and sometimes you just misplace it.”

STEWART: “Have you lost an eight carat diamond before?”

D. WADE: “Yeah, I have lost an eight carat diamond.”

STEWART: “Ok…I’m going to start following you around.” (awkward silence)

D. WADE: “I lost an earring one time playing basketball because in the summer we all play with our earrings in and you just forget sometimes. I remember the first time I lost one.” (First time?) “I had been playing basketball and it wasn’t till I got into the shower that I realized my earring was missing. We never found it. There was nothing I could do.”

STEWART: “I guess you could ask the member of the clean-up crew who’s now rockin’ the new Bentley…”


STEWART: “You and our new president have at least a few things in common: basketball and Chicago. Have you ever met him?”

“No — I’ve never met him. I’ve talked to a lot of people to try and get that together but it hasn’t worked out — especially with me being in the Olympics over the summer.”

STEWART: “If you could ask him one — and only one — question, what would it be?”

D. WADE: “I’d ask him if he wants to play me one-on-one. I mean how many times would you get to say you played the President one-on-one?”

STEWART: “Would you let him win?”

D. WADE: (without hesitation) “No way.”

“What if you guys went best of five — would you let him at least win one?”

“No way. You see, I look at it like this: if the two of us had to debate each other, he wouldn’t let me win a debate–so I wouldn’t let him win a pick-up game.”

STEWART: “Well played. Would you dunk on him?”

“Oh yeah, I would dunk on him for sure. That’s braggin’ rights!”

STEWART: “Ok, now–level with me. What if you were having a really off day–is there any way you think the President could take you then?”

D. WADE: “Well, I mean — I hate to say yeah, but–” (noticeably forcing a little charity) “If I was having a reeeeaaaally off day? Ummm … (pauses) … No. No, there’s no chance.” (Charity retracted) “No, I’m sorry; I couldn’t give it to him.”


STEWART: “Three years of commercials, and you have never divulged: Who’s really in your Fave Five?”

D. WADE: “Good question — my actual Fave Five is not what people would think. It’s not celebrities — it’s the five top people I need to talk to all the time, they are all close family, like my sons and my mom. But!–It’s my Alternate Fave Five that people try to get into. The Alternate Fave Five changes a lot — right now it’s like LeBron, Chris Paul, all my boys.”

STEWART: “Can I be in the Alternate Fave Five?”

D. WADE: “Huh?” (He didn’t see that one coming.) … “Uhhhh. Yeah sure.” (again with the charity)

STEWART: “Sweet! But seriously, what do people have to do to get into this Alternate Fave Five?”

D. WADE: “Well, you gotta have history. I’ve gotta know them well. It’s people that are in your life for a good reason.”

STEWART: “If President Obama asked to be in your Alternate Fave Five, would you let him in?”

“Of course — for sure — no question. If he wanted to be my friend like that, no question.”

STEWART: “Who’s place would he take? Who would be kicked out?”

D. WADE: “Uhhhh, probably Charles.” (laughing)

STEWART: “Barkley?”

D. WADE: “Yep.” (laughing harder) “He’d bump out Charles.”


STEWART: “Do you ever Google yourself?”

D. WADE: “Oh yeah. Every now and then I’ll be on the internet for a long time and I’ll get bored so I’ll search myself on Google. I just want to see what kind of information is out there and what kind of things are being said — either positively or negatively.”

STEWART: “Do you ever see anything that’s news to you?”

D. WADE: “Yeah, I’ll read some articles and I’ll be like “Oh I didn’t know about that” because I don’t always hear about everything that is being said about me. When I Google myself, sometimes I’ll click on it and be like “oh man, what are they talking about now.” The biggest one was the Star Jones rumor that came out last year–they said that me and Star Jones were dating. That was — unbelievable. That was a wow moment. And not just that they were saying it but that it took off and people believed it. It’s crazy how the media will take one picture and then just run with it and go in whatever direction they want it to go in.”


STEWART: “In 2005, you were named as one of People’s 50 most beautiful people. What happened in 2006?”

D. WADE: “I don’t know! I guess one of the things with athletes is that they won’t repeat athletes. Actors and actresses will get repeats but not athletes unless it’s been a couple years.”

STEWART: “When you get chosen one year and not the next, do you feel a little insulted?”

“Nah — I don’t look at myself as being ugly, but I don’t look at myself as being one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world either. It was a shock to me. But it was an unbelievable honor — and believe me, I enjoyed it and I lived it up! I have the article framed and in my house.”


STEWART: “I don’t know why I wonder about things like this, but what’s it like when someone’s guarding you really closely and they are sweating like crazy?”

D. WADE: “You know some guys are sweatier than others and I’m actually one of those really sweaty guys — that’s why I always change my jersey at half time.”

STEWART: “So there’s pretty much sweat flying all over the place?”

D. WADE: “Yeah–but it can be gross if you get somebody else’s sweat on your face. It’s just like — like — like — ughhhh. Sometimes I even try and keep my mouth closed so their sweat doesn’t get in my mouth.”



STEWART: “So, your life is pretty much an open book and I’ve learned a little more today–but is there anything that no one knows about you?”

D. WADE: “Yeah, one thing that no one knows about me is that deep down I really want to be a singer. I mean, I love my basketball abilities, but I wish that God would have given me singing abilities.”

STEWART: “A lot of athletes seem to want to get into music–“

D. WADE: “I don’t mean I want to be a rapper — I want to be a good R&B singer. But — I wasn’t blessed with singing abilities. Not at all. I mean, I think I’m pretty good — but I know it really sounds bad.

STEWART: “I bet you think you’re really good in the shower.”

“I am great in the shower. I’m great in the car. I’m sure a lot of people have caught me singing in the car too. They’ve probably driven by and seen me when I’m in another world. I’ll just be jamming with my music really loud.”

STEWART: “What did you sing today?”

D. WADE: “Beyonce. I love to sing some Beyonce — ya know like “All the Single Ladies.” I’ll sing that — maybe not with the body shakin’ — but I’ll have a little bit of the hand movement going on. I do it all. All kinds of music. In my car, I’m versatile.”


STEWART: “I have to ask: You lead the NBA in scoring, you’re second in steals, top ten in assists, and man, you just plain leave it all out there on that court — every single game. So why do you think you often get left out — or at least quickly ruled out — of MVP discussions by analysts on TV?”

“I think that it’s the nature of the world we live in to always talk about two people — ya know in the presidential race, it was always about two people. They never really mention more at any one time. When I came in my rookie year, it was all about LeBron and Carmelo and they never really mentioned me. It has always been like that. You just have to make them include you — hopefully my play and our team’s success will one day get them to mention me.

But you have a championship…

“Yeah but people have their favorites. That’s not really anything I can worry about because I can only control what I do on the court on a nightly basis. If I never get that publicity that people do or don’t feel I deserve, then at the end of the day, I’m not gonna cry over it. I’ll just continue to perform until I can’t anymore, and along the way I’ll hope that someone notices.” [/expand]

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