Interesting Interviews

From glamorous evenings on Hollywood red carpets to awkward incidents in locker rooms, these are some of my favorite moments from interviews over the years…

Dwight Howard (taught me to dance)

Michael Strahan (cooked me dinner)

Hugh Hefner (and his 3 girlfriends)

Snoop Dogg (kept calling me “lil momma”)

Jerry Rice (for his 40th birthday)

Lamar Odom (before he was a Kardashian)

Lil Jon (told me the dirtiest joke I’ve ever heard)

Brian Urlacher (at a Jenna Jameson party)

Steve Young (on the Golden Gate Bridge)

Plaxico Burress (before he shot himself)

Maria Sharapova (is frighteningly tall)

Tony Gonzalez (on his roof deck)

Steven Tyler (just before he hit on me)

Dwight Freeney (in a Hawaiian night club)

Brandon Lloyd (is one of my favorites)

Shaquille O’Neal (*I shoulda worn heels*)

Hines Ward (while bowling with friends)

Ricky Williams (was dressed as a pirate)

Jerome Bettis (throughout a week-long trip to Mexico)

Todd Heap (while shopping for a mattress)

Nick Swisher (at spring training)

Donovan McNabb (while modeling swimwear)

Will Smith(‘s brother b/c Will refused the interview)

Justin Timberlake (when he was still with NSYNC)

Dwyane Wade (said he car-dances to Beyonce)

Lebron James (was wearing only a towel)

Jason Taylor (at the dinner table with his family)

Larry Fitzgerald (loaned me his 7 carat diamond)

Ray Lewis (on his purple velvet couch)

Peyton Manning (at the Playboy Mansion)

Terrell Owens (let me throw water balloons at him)

Matthew McConaughey (was as nice as he is hot)

Luther Campbell (with a stripper in the background)

Steven Jackson (inside the Saint Louis arch)

Jimmie Johnson (in his racecar)

Matt Leinart (in the pool at The Standard)

Danica Patrick (at the ESPY’s)

Hasim Rahman (with his buddy Biz Markie)

Lennox Lewis (is a giant…teddy bear)

Clinton Portis (doing cartwheels in his front yard)

Eric Gagne (told me a deep, dark secret)

Drew Bledsoe (about stapling his neck)

Dhani Jones (who hasn’t?)

Marshall Faulk (on Bourbon Street)

Junior Seau (the only person to ever walk out on me)

Alonzo Mourning (is a stand-up guy)

Reggie Bush (is ubiquitous in LA)

The Maloof Brothers (…and then they HOOKED ME UP for my 30th birthday in Vegas)

Scenes from Memorable InterviewsScenes from Memorable Interviews