Community Outreach

Grassroots initiatives developed and coordinated in an effort to better clients’ communities, taking advantage of their stature for the purpose of lifting up and inspiring those around them and bring awareness to important causes.

“Fidelity Invests in the Community”
Fidelity Investments teams up with a local middle school for a beautification project.

“Write Stuff”
An elementary school program encouraging children to get into the habit of writing in their spare time. The project was inspired by the client’s popular training camp journal which was published online annually. Client visited schools, gave presentations, and worked with the children one-on-one, teaching them to journal. In partnership with Staples Inc., journals and other needs were generously donated by the office supply giant.

“Big Mac’s Attack on Hunger”
Vikings Offensive Lineman Bryant McKinnie, affectionately known as “Big Mac” due to his imposing 6’8″ frame, dedicated his time, visiting homeless shelters in the Minneapolis area. Partnering with McDonald’s, McKinnie distributed food and specially-made nutritious Happy Meals to the shelters’ children, also surprising them with a visit from Ronald McDonald.