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The type of profile I was supposed to write

With avant-garde vision and a flair for the written word, I’ve built an accomplished blah as a yada yada in marketing, so-in-so, journalism,  whatchamacallit, and production. Leveraging so-on-and-so-forth and utilizing blah-blah, guru mumbo-jumbo paradigm shift whatever pivot some-such buy-in. Whatsit mobile blah digital stuff yada-who yada-what. In short, I’m super-awesome.

The profile I wrote instead

Given the increased transparency of our commercial landscape, marketing campaigns today have to be authentic, compelling and insightful – driven by the essence of an organization – and propelled by smart, engaging content that creatively tells the story of a client’s brand and its offerings.

My approach to marketing, however, hasn’t changed to accommodate evolving audiences and shifting search practices. It didn’t have to. Turns out, I’ve been roving down the right path all along.

My work always begins by asking the right questions about a company, its aspirations, its audience, and its competition – and from there, developing a focused strategy. Next, I work with my client to find and form its narrative. A former journalist, I’m a writer at my core. As I delve into the heart of an organization, I love unearthing what makes it remarkable in order to tell its story in a way that resonates, and it’s that passion for storytelling has helped me thrive on both sides of the marketing/media machine.


Fresh out of grad school, I was presented with a series of extraordinary opportunities to work with talented filmmakers and national media, writing and producing for top networks including ESPN, HBO and Fox. Mentored by well-known journalists and media pioneers, I traveled the world, privy not only to the inner workings of the industry but to the wisdom of experts with Emmy-lined mantles.

I’ve interviewed everyone from Justin Timberlake to Lebron James and have amassed some pretty outrageous stories along the way. To date, my work has been featured on/in a range of national publications and shows from Good Morning America to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

My media experience proved priceless as I broadened my repertoire to include marketing and communications, handling campaigns for corporations, production houses, and agencies – including the Southeast’s largest public relations and brand communications firm – and went on to eventually establish my own marketing and media consultancy.

Personal Life

With North Carolinian roots that span nine generations, I was born and raised in the Tar Heel state – and despite a 13-year stint away after college – I still drink sweet tea, say “yes ma’am” and respect the binding value of a firm handshake.

Duke University was my first and only choice for college. I briefly departed the Gothic Wonderland during my junior year to study in Australia. A year later, I graduated cum laude from Duke with a double major, all med school prerequisites and absolutely no clue what to do with any of it.

With unrelenting curiosity and a desire for versatility, the varied pursuits that followed are what lent me the breadth in my professional skill set and, in turn, laid the framework for a thus-far fulfilling career.

In 2010, I returned to North Carolina and now split my time between Durham, NC and my beach home on the Carolina coast.




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